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Production of Bang Toyib with Dewi Persik, featuring Ira Swara for SCTV Music Award 2005

Music For TV, Music Showcase 2005

This is just one of my music arrangement for SCTV Music Award 2005. All the music in this show was produced by me & my team.

Logo SCTV Music Award

The song called ‘Bang Toyib’, a famous dangdut song composed by Sandy Sulung & Biing. The music combine ethnical music and modern music to reflect the grande of the show ! The singers are famous dangdut singers, Dewi Persik and Ira Swara.

The complete credit list :

• Music produced & arranged by Agus Hardiman & Dudy S Nay.

• Executive producer : SCTV.• Song composed by Sandy Sulung & Biing.

• Vocal by Dewi Persik & Ira Swara (Duet).

• Backing vocal by Iyok & Dudy S Nay.

• Drum programmed by Agus Hardiman using VSTi Stylus RMX.

• All Synth programmed by Agus Hardiman using VSTi Steinberg Hypersonic.

• All other instruments programmed by Agus Hardiman using various VSTi except some Kendang, played by real player (not all, some are VSTi).

• Recording, arranging, editing, mixing & mastering in DAW Steinberg Cubase by Agus Hardiman.

Enjoy !

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