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Me On Noah’s Book ‘Kisah Lainnya’

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Noah (previously named ‘Peterpan’) is the biggest pop rock band in Indonesia. I’m surprised when one of my students told me that I was on the Noah’s book ‘Kisah Lainnya’. It is because I forgot that long time ago, David, keyboardist of Noah asked me to teach him about music software and sampling. I do not recall David said something about the Noah’s audition at that time. So it surprises me when David wrote about me on the book.

I feel very honoured even though my name was spelled wrong (Agus Handiman instead of Agus Hardiman) 😀

It is on page 88 of ‘Kisah Lainnya’ book :

Kutipan ttg Agus Hardiman di buku Noah hal 88 (utk blog)

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