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Music Production, Music Showcase Dec 2016

This is my music arrangement, editing, mixing and mastering for Indonesia’s young talent, Steven Kwa ( ) !

Composer : P.10 Kwa & Angga Phoenic.
Singer : Steven Kwa.
Music Producer & Arranger : Agus Hardiman.
Mixing & Mastering : Agus Hardiman.
Evecutive Producer : P.10 Kwa.

The Band :
Guitarist : Ponch Satrio.
Drummer : Ikmal Tobing.
Bassist : Iwan Xaverius.
Keyboards & All Synths : Agus Hardiman.
Hammond Organ : Indra Q
Vocal Coach : Doddy Katamsi
Recording at Musica Studio, except Indra Q recording at BatCaveStd.

String Arrangement : Agus Hardiman & Erick Pidux.
Orchestrator : Erick Pidux.
String Players :
– Violin 1 : RM Condro Kasmoyo & Dessy Saptany Puri.
– Violin 2 : Yohanes Handoko Purnomo & Agung Wibisono.
– Viola : Sanjung Prima Cahaya Dewi.
– Cello : Dwipa Hanggana Pratala.
Recording at Backbeat Studio Jakarta.

Children Choir : Aluna Rafflesia.
Conductor & Vocal Coach : Dhodi Agusta.
Choir Members : Adelaine, Alexa, Alexio, Ansellin, Bryan, Evan, Jamieco, Jessie, Maggie, Melbournia, Michelle, Nolan, Owen, Ruth, Steve, Tiffney, Valesca, Valishia.

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