This is the home of AGUS HARDIMAN, music producer, book author, audio lecturer & music technology advisor

About Me

Honors & Awards

  • “The Best Music Producer Of The Year” of ‘Bukan Milikmu Lagi’ Agnes Monica, Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI) Award 2006
  • Get nominated & then win as part of The Best Music Production Team for ‘Bukan Milikmu Lagi’ Agnes Monica in album ‘Whaddup, A?!!

Additional Honors & Awards

  • Author of the 1st Computer Music Books in Indonesia ‘Belajar Sendiri Cakewalk Pro Audio versi 8’, published by Gramedia, sold 6000 books, 2001.
  • Jury of INAICTA (Indonesia Information and Communication Technology Award), category Digital Audio, event held by Kementerian Kominfo, 2011.
  • Music arranger for ‘Project Pop’ band, one of the leading music group in Indonesia in ‘Six-A-Six’ album.
  • Music illustrator for all music for TV show ‘Warisan 1 Miliar’ which the winning price is 1 billion Rupiahs.
  • Music illustrator for all music for TV show ‘Gladiator 1 Miliar’ which the winning price is 1 billion Rupiahs, a production of Triwarsana.
  • Music illustrator for all music for TV show ‘Asal Plesetan’ in AnTV which is comedy show with Kelik (comedian) as the host.
  • Music illustrator for 2 years of ‘Jalan Sesama’, which is Indonesian version of the famous kids show, ‘Sesame Street’ from Jim Henson.
  • Jingle maker for TV & Radio for many company in Indonesia.
  • Doing music for TV commercial like Garuda Food, Delfi Chocolate, Dancow etc.
  • Doing live recording for 12 bands in Java Jazz 2009 held in Jakarta, which is the biggest jazz festival in Asia, recording Ivan Lins (Grammy Award winner), Laura Figy & other international musicians.
  • Doing live recording for Darlene & Hillsong Worship, which is the leading worship group in the world from Australia.
  • Doing live recording for Indonesian leading musician like Kayon (Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, Pra Budidharma), Tohpati Band, GMB (Giving My Best) etc.
  • Doing audio seminar & workshop in many parts of Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Bali).
  • Authoring the 1st Computer Music book ever printed in Indonesian language called ‘Belajar Sendiri Cakewalk Pro Audio versi 8’ which are distributed by Elex Media Komputindo (Gramedia group), which is the leading publisher in Indonesia. The book sold out about 6000 books !
  • Became guest speaker in TV programme ‘e-Life Style’ in Metro TV, as professional digital music practisioner, not only one but twice show (year 2008 & 2010).
  • Became one of the jury for INAICTA (Indonesian Information, Communication & Tecnology Award) 2011, a yearly government award for creativity and innovation in technology, held by Kementerian Kominfo (